Thursday, July 2, 2009

I love ohio::: yay for the Holidays.


(I had an asthma attack on the way to work, so of course I'm pumping the Inhaler and sat out in my car and regrouped before I went in, So now I'm all loopy and feel weird. I should have known this was coming because yesterday the air felt weird and my equilibrium was off, saying that there was probably fluid in my ears. I sound like a freak. )

Anyhoo!!!! today is Thursday.... yay one more day before I have my 1st Saturday off : )
I'm so excited for the 4th of July I actually have real plans this year, so I'm super siked to hang out with all my friends. I've kind of been laying low this year, not out and about as usual. I guess you could say I've been soul searching. (Not the fun kind, where you go to a foreign country to find the real you) The kind where I made a ton of huge mistakes in order to learn from them and be the grown person I'm supposed to be, yeah not fun at all.

Also I've learned a lot about the people I enjoy to be around. People who know how to conversate, yet can still be silly and not take the world too seriously. People who enjoy art and literature and science. People who can talk about religion and be open minded.
I suppose I found myself. I'm well rounded, well spoken and enjoy my life. My cousin and I are starting rock climbing next week. My sister and are starting our kid eco-friendly line. Life is actually pretty great right now. I think a lot of my stressors come from surounding opinions. Like my mother.

Moms can be so tough on their children. I'm not a child anymore yet she still has this itch to tell me how I should be runing my life. MY dad is so forward thinking, whatever makes you happy, as long as your working. My mom is why arent you taking care of this?? why arent you looking into this carreer? I suppose because I have a full time job? I have a life? When my mom was my age she already had my brother, so I suppose she had to think serious, seriously. For me I'm creating my own path and when I get there, I'll get there. In this awful economy I'm not too eager to jump into the cut throat job of finding a job. I think it would be better to continue my education and secure a job. I dunno perhaps, that's a passive aggresive way of thinking??? Everything is happening!! I'm ok with taking it slow and getting things done. I suppose parents are never supposed to think our choices are ideal. When my sister and brother in-law moved to washington, you'd think that they had sold their sould to the devil and moved to Europe the way my mother behaved. It just goes to show you they CARE!!!!!! just not always in the way you would like them to.

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  1. Happy 4th Jackie O! Have a blast with your time off. Jealous you are in Ohio!