Thursday, July 9, 2009


here we go again why why did I ever let you go!

Alright people:::
it's time, This Saturday yours truly will be going to see mama mia! the live Broadway show!

How exciting???
My sister and I are having a sister date and going to dinner and a show. A fantastic show at that!. Seriously if you don't like Abba music you have no soul!!!!! It's carefree and it just makes you wanna move your groove thing~
While I'm up there visiting I'm going to catch up with old friends! hit the pool and have my self a darn good time. I miss some of my friends soooo MUCH it's not even funny.

It's weird, when I moved home I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal! I would be home with my family and friends. But I miss them so entirely much!

Friends you make later in life are completely different then the people who have known you since you where 12. They are friends you made and kept! they are people you met on common interest or by chance (someone dating someone you knew). When I left Columbus a part of me was so completely sad. So when I go to visit it's almost like work. (that's sad to say but here is why! : I spread myself too thin. I try to see everyone jammed pack into one weekend, and I usually miss one or two people.

I wish with all my heart I could just say forget it and go. Go and move back up there near my sister and my friends, but I have family obligations. It gets so complicated and I see it as wrong to leave. UGGGH I just wish sometimes the world would lean in my favor.... just this once??? my lack of love life, my insane family..... my nut job friends? something anything? Just tip on your axes for a bit and give me something good. I deserve it! I need it. This is a ton of me, me and more me.... I sound so selfish! I promise, I'm not- this is a modest person begging for something to change. I feel like all day every day I'm passive, doing everything for everyone else.... This weekend is soooo needed. I need to get away! I miss the simple life :(

Ugh exhausted Jaguar..... Needs to escape:

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  1. i would love to see that on Broadway! Marry Poppins is out here in LA..for a limited time and i soo want to go!! tickets are soo expensive!!