Thursday, October 8, 2009

play me a song on the piano man......

SORRY- Wedding planning for my cousins wedding+ a new job has left me completely INSANE and unable to BLOGG it up. However Things with my book are fantabulous.

That cold hard shell surrounding my heart.... it kind breaks into a million pieces when I connect with music, when I read a good book, when I get butterflies, when I sit in front of the heater when I'm cold, when I watch people fall in love. When my cousin is so happy she cant stand it, when my mom laughs so hard she cant breath, When I'm writing my book and I make a huge breakthrough.

Why do those walls always have to go back up??? Why did they ever go up in the 1st place??

Saturday, August 8, 2009

ahhhh living the dream.

OKKKK So I go into bucks this morning. I ask a question about the Coffey cake, the lady behind the counter gives me some snappy reply, then.....looks up. "HI! OMG I haven't seen you in here ina while?" hahahahaha. anyways during the day I normally get an iced drink but Saturday mornings are still a lil nippy so I get my normal hott coffey (Plus our office is like antartica brrrr!) So I get my normal Mocha and go on my way. Well I get into the car take a big sip, and I swear I thought the guy making coffey was new and turns out he was. My normal chocolatey drink, tasted like rocket FUEL! up up and awaaaay!!!!

My momas Bday was Thursday, so today my aunt and brother and bunch of people are coming ovvver ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMA!!!!!!!!!
My mom is so amazing :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

don't stop believing

Hold on to that lovvvin Feellllin

ok..... so, for months now I've been anticipating the name drop and the date release for the 17th book in the Scarpetta series. "The Scarpetta Factor" will release on October 20th. Last year I read all 16 of the previous books. half way through on about book 8 or 9 I did take a little break and read some kind of love book, just to remind me that everything wasnt about people dying :) But most people dont read one after the other either. They were like CRACK! Once I finished one it was off to buy the next. I found out about the wonderful half priced books. If you enjoy forensic science, love and dun dun dunnnn Muurrrder mystery, then this series is for you.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The time travelers Wife

My next passion::: I'm only 50 pages in and addicted.

This book is everything I expected and more!!!!!

I have this theory that if the book is amazing... on some level I have to love the movie.

I'm becoming REALLY great at separating my pre-determined images of how everythign should look so I don't get disappointed.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

how did you know?

OK so have you ever noticed how guys have this radar???

every things going great in her life??? It's time to show back up!

I swear it... the second I'm setting in- someone from my past has to make an entrance, get jealous or sabotage my love my life. I pretty much told Mr. M to shove it. I'm tired of putting my life on hold for him.... just because he doesn't know how to act doesn't mean I have to sit around waiting for him to GROW UP. Now Mr. B... you know 1st love yadda yadda, He's the one they should alllll be afraid of. He's the one who creeps up into my life and I don't tell any one about, he is literally the ghost of boyfriends past... We've kinda had some weird juju thing going on since we were 11. Nobody meets their soulmate when their 11 right???

Mr. H is something spectacular though. He sweet, funny and kinda calls me on everything which is sometimes annoying. He eats up my free time. I don't know. We'll go down this road and see if it ends up like before.... a stubborn battle of whose right.

I'm not dating these people all at one time these are just people who keep showing back up in my life. So I say again.... How did you know??? no word for months and allll of a sudden here you are? surrrrprise surrrprise.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've been waiting for so long

Everyone thinks its so romantic... Romeo and Juliet, true sad. If Juliet was stupid enough to fall for the enemy, drink the bottle of poison, and go to sleep in a mausoleum ... she deserved whatever she got.-Grey's

I always though Romeo & Juliet was romantic but this quote is also true.... who does that?? Wouldn't you have rather live to tell the tale of this undying love? wouldn't that have been more romantic?? I suppose I am not one to give advice but I know a lot about giving up.

My mother has been though 5 marriages my grandmother 3.... and several other family members. I don't exactly have this great perception of "Happily Ever After"

My Cousin whom is engaged, is constantly over come with fear. What if that's us? what if it doesn't work out. I just tell her she's the exception...she's the one who gets the guy and that means... THERE is hope for the REST of US!!!!

I always tell people I'm never getting married even though I would love to fall in love. people get hurt when you lay it all on the line and I suppose no guy has ever proven this theory wrong. I have hope that someone will come along and change my mind. So for now Happily SINGLE.

Now do you get why I'm the JAGUAR... I'm certainly not the Cougar.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's the name of the GAME!?

It's been a sleepy Jaguar day... that's for SURE! I seriously slept till one , got up and went to lunch and now worrrrking. I slept wayyy too much. Granted I didn't fall asleep till 4. I was watching boondock saints and DL music on to my ipod...whick I just bought and already bent the clip :(- then it was about 1 and I was not going to bed.... so I put in twilight.... (Can you see where this is going?)

Here I am Just starting the day when most people are about to get off work. Things are seriously going to be MUCH different when school starts.

It's going to be tough, but I'm strong :) There a quote I saw I reallly liked.
"The bad thing about damanged people is they KNOW they can survive" I guess that whole fear of leaping thing just goes out the window.

This weekend is Sharonfest!!! that means 3 days of themed nights, lots of running into people I've known most of my life and pretending like I am not drinking. Which I'm going to be doing to make it through those awkward catching up moments! Ahhhhhh Sharonville.

Ohhh and Starting to like a guy that I thought I wasnt interested in- SURPRISE... only me I swear it. I am -It totaly came out of no where. One second I'm all "it doesnt matter what happens" now I'm all "sooo what are you doing today?"

Funny how things turn out huh???? what's the name of the game?
A Jaguar with a funny feelin in her stomache.