Saturday, July 18, 2009

B B BENNNY and the JETS!!!!!

Bought 27 dresses last night... it went on sale for $13.00 I couldn't say no!

There's this part where her and her hetero friend hydroplane off the road and are stranded in boofoo, so they hit up the local bar.... long story short- they get wasted and end up dancing on the bar singing benny and the jets ( I'm a sap for Elton). It's just this moment where his I don't care what anyone thinks personality shines through. This makes me think where is my James Marsden? HUH? where is he. The great hair, goofy grin, nerdy demeanor..... ugggggggh where are those guys?? hiding under rocks!!!??? My cousin found love so I suppose there's hope for me :)

P.S It smells like Chanel in the office. All the old Ladies com in on Saturdays hehehe

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  1. That is my favorite part in the movie. They get so into it. I love it!