Tuesday, July 28, 2009

how did you know?

OK so have you ever noticed how guys have this radar???

every things going great in her life??? It's time to show back up!

I swear it... the second I'm setting in- someone from my past has to make an entrance, get jealous or sabotage my love my life. I pretty much told Mr. M to shove it. I'm tired of putting my life on hold for him.... just because he doesn't know how to act doesn't mean I have to sit around waiting for him to GROW UP. Now Mr. B... you know 1st love yadda yadda, He's the one they should alllll be afraid of. He's the one who creeps up into my life and I don't tell any one about, he is literally the ghost of boyfriends past... We've kinda had some weird juju thing going on since we were 11. Nobody meets their soulmate when their 11 right???

Mr. H is something spectacular though. He sweet, funny and kinda calls me on everything which is sometimes annoying. He eats up my free time. I don't know. We'll go down this road and see if it ends up like before.... a stubborn battle of whose right.

I'm not dating these people all at one time these are just people who keep showing back up in my life. So I say again.... How did you know??? no word for months and allll of a sudden here you are? surrrrprise surrrprise.

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