Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Finds:::

I've had a few REALLY great reads lately. Sometimes I get a few in a row that are just perfectly amazing.... and then sometimes it takes me forever to find a great book.

The book I just finished was "The Physic Book of Deliverance Dane".
Wow, it took me forever to get through because I was attempting to read it while being slammed at work! However the journey I took to get through it was amazzzing. It's about a grad student at Harvard named Connie, who over the summer has to go clean out her grandmothers house. When she arrives she finds this out of date house with no electricity and is shocked to find running water. The first night there she finds this mysterious key inside the old family bible and is thrust into finding out who the name attached to the key is and how it relates to her heritage. Connie finds an exciting young man to help her through her research, all the while being pestered by her old quirck of an advisor. Connie finds love, magic and defeats evil throughout this book. I was throughily impressed. Never wanting to put it down.

I am now readin Sunday's at Tifaany's While not as xciting it is a quick read and somethign easy to tag along to the pool or beach with! It's a cute love story : ) I'll update you all with the ending.

for now I'm just busy working and having fun.....ahhhhh the life of a Jaguar

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  1. There is nothing like a good book. The first one sounds really good. I like ones that are somewhat of a mystery that you have to figure out as you read.