Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Id rather be tannnnning!!!!!!!!!

Being in doors for 10 hour days is not helping my tan. BLAGH!!!!! to work

After work I'm going to the evil gaping hole of melanoma to get my tan on since I don't get out of here till all the healthy UV's are away.

P.S. my blog should in reality be called.... I Blog at work.
........................ moving on

I'm in the middle of redoing my room. I have a new closet organizer in my walk in closet. (YEAH I got it good, It's called living at home. I'm NEVER leaving) and I FINALLY picked a paint color. Stratosphere Blue with one dark blue accent wall. My TV stand/ shelving/storage thingy at Ikea finally went on sale!!!!! I found a cheap used reading chair. It's allll happening.

All while this is going on I cant stop thinking about The Tudors season 2 that I have on hold at the Library coming in. SAD, I know. Once this obsession is over it will again be September and my fanatical need of Grey's anatomy will be fulfilled!! (FYI) huge addict to to TV, Books @ shopping.

If you want to know the truth- I kind of sorta don't use my head a ton..... When I like people that is. I make them jump through hoops because I don't trust them, then I get my heart broken because I really liked them I just didn't know how to let stupid stuff go. So here I am putting myself out there and guess what??? I have that feeling like the bottom is going to drop out... ALWAYS. Granted somewhat long distance relationships are verrry verrry hard! I thought liking someone was supposed to be carefree and happy and your supposed to be in LALA land.... cheese and rice this is freaking hard and I feel insane.

by the way I'm not crazzzy that were 3 days of blooggin thoughts allll crammed into one :)


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