Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The time travelers Wife

My next passion::: I'm only 50 pages in and addicted.

This book is everything I expected and more!!!!!

I have this theory that if the book is amazing... on some level I have to love the movie.

I'm becoming REALLY great at separating my pre-determined images of how everythign should look so I don't get disappointed.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

how did you know?

OK so have you ever noticed how guys have this radar???

every things going great in her life??? It's time to show back up!

I swear it... the second I'm setting in- someone from my past has to make an entrance, get jealous or sabotage my love my life. I pretty much told Mr. M to shove it. I'm tired of putting my life on hold for him.... just because he doesn't know how to act doesn't mean I have to sit around waiting for him to GROW UP. Now Mr. B... you know 1st love yadda yadda, He's the one they should alllll be afraid of. He's the one who creeps up into my life and I don't tell any one about, he is literally the ghost of boyfriends past... We've kinda had some weird juju thing going on since we were 11. Nobody meets their soulmate when their 11 right???

Mr. H is something spectacular though. He sweet, funny and kinda calls me on everything which is sometimes annoying. He eats up my free time. I don't know. We'll go down this road and see if it ends up like before.... a stubborn battle of whose right.

I'm not dating these people all at one time these are just people who keep showing back up in my life. So I say again.... How did you know??? no word for months and allll of a sudden here you are? surrrrprise surrrprise.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I've been waiting for so long

Everyone thinks its so romantic... Romeo and Juliet, true sad. If Juliet was stupid enough to fall for the enemy, drink the bottle of poison, and go to sleep in a mausoleum ... she deserved whatever she got.-Grey's

I always though Romeo & Juliet was romantic but this quote is also true.... who does that?? Wouldn't you have rather live to tell the tale of this undying love? wouldn't that have been more romantic?? I suppose I am not one to give advice but I know a lot about giving up.

My mother has been though 5 marriages my grandmother 3.... and several other family members. I don't exactly have this great perception of "Happily Ever After"

My Cousin whom is engaged, is constantly over come with fear. What if that's us? what if it doesn't work out. I just tell her she's the exception...she's the one who gets the guy and that means... THERE is hope for the REST of US!!!!

I always tell people I'm never getting married even though I would love to fall in love. people get hurt when you lay it all on the line and I suppose no guy has ever proven this theory wrong. I have hope that someone will come along and change my mind. So for now Happily SINGLE.

Now do you get why I'm the JAGUAR... I'm certainly not the Cougar.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's the name of the GAME!?

It's been a sleepy Jaguar day... that's for SURE! I seriously slept till one , got up and went to lunch and now worrrrking. I slept wayyy too much. Granted I didn't fall asleep till 4. I was watching boondock saints and DL music on to my ipod...whick I just bought and already bent the clip :(- then it was about 1 and I was not going to bed.... so I put in twilight.... (Can you see where this is going?)

Here I am Just starting the day when most people are about to get off work. Things are seriously going to be MUCH different when school starts.

It's going to be tough, but I'm strong :) There a quote I saw I reallly liked.
"The bad thing about damanged people is they KNOW they can survive" I guess that whole fear of leaping thing just goes out the window.

This weekend is Sharonfest!!! that means 3 days of themed nights, lots of running into people I've known most of my life and pretending like I am not drinking. Which I'm going to be doing to make it through those awkward catching up moments! Ahhhhhh Sharonville.

Ohhh and Starting to like a guy that I thought I wasnt interested in- SURPRISE... only me I swear it. I am -It totaly came out of no where. One second I'm all "it doesnt matter what happens" now I'm all "sooo what are you doing today?"

Funny how things turn out huh???? what's the name of the game?
A Jaguar with a funny feelin in her stomache.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

B B BENNNY and the JETS!!!!!

Bought 27 dresses last night... it went on sale for $13.00 I couldn't say no!

There's this part where her and her hetero friend hydroplane off the road and are stranded in boofoo, so they hit up the local bar.... long story short- they get wasted and end up dancing on the bar singing benny and the jets ( I'm a sap for Elton). It's just this moment where his I don't care what anyone thinks personality shines through. This makes me think where is my James Marsden? HUH? where is he. The great hair, goofy grin, nerdy demeanor..... ugggggggh where are those guys?? hiding under rocks!!!??? My cousin found love so I suppose there's hope for me :)

P.S It smells like Chanel in the office. All the old Ladies com in on Saturdays hehehe

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Id rather be tannnnning!!!!!!!!!

Being in doors for 10 hour days is not helping my tan. BLAGH!!!!! to work

After work I'm going to the evil gaping hole of melanoma to get my tan on since I don't get out of here till all the healthy UV's are away.

P.S. my blog should in reality be called.... I Blog at work.
........................ moving on

I'm in the middle of redoing my room. I have a new closet organizer in my walk in closet. (YEAH I got it good, It's called living at home. I'm NEVER leaving) and I FINALLY picked a paint color. Stratosphere Blue with one dark blue accent wall. My TV stand/ shelving/storage thingy at Ikea finally went on sale!!!!! I found a cheap used reading chair. It's allll happening.

All while this is going on I cant stop thinking about The Tudors season 2 that I have on hold at the Library coming in. SAD, I know. Once this obsession is over it will again be September and my fanatical need of Grey's anatomy will be fulfilled!! (FYI) huge addict to to TV, Books @ shopping.

If you want to know the truth- I kind of sorta don't use my head a ton..... When I like people that is. I make them jump through hoops because I don't trust them, then I get my heart broken because I really liked them I just didn't know how to let stupid stuff go. So here I am putting myself out there and guess what??? I have that feeling like the bottom is going to drop out... ALWAYS. Granted somewhat long distance relationships are verrry verrry hard! I thought liking someone was supposed to be carefree and happy and your supposed to be in LALA land.... cheese and rice this is freaking hard and I feel insane.

by the way I'm not crazzzy that were 3 days of blooggin thoughts allll crammed into one :)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Voulez Vous -ah haaa!

Across the room your eyes are glowing in the dark
And here we go again, we know the start, we know the end!

WOW- what a night...

haha Mama Mia was THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!
I had so much fun I could barely stay seated! and at the end everyone and I mean EVERYONE was dancing and clapping and singing. Talk about a great show. I was so impressed by the singing, it knocked my socks off!

My sister and I stuck in the Abba CD and jammed the entire way home.
While in Columbus I saw one of my great friends! and we went to our friends house and danced and sang and played games. I missed my fraaaands :( but I got a good dose to last me a while haha.
You know what's taken a back seat in my life lately? My writing. Something I am thoroughly obsessed with has just -poof! been out of sight out of mind. For the past month I've been dried up. Being away with people I am creative with opened my eyes to my passion, which is books and writing great things and having them actually mean something... to someone. Even if it's one person who gets me or connects. One person can change the course of someone's life.... it's a proven fact. Mothers, prince charming, vampires or just a little magic. I am drawn to these foreshadowed metaphors that a person or object will come and magically make the world right for you. you can be so accomplished and sure of yourself .... yet? there something missing? My book will hopefully be published. and then you all can say HEY!!! I knew her she was a lovely Jaguar. Who had many thoughts and wanted to change the world :)

RAWR! the Jaguar is back to WORK! thanks ABBA!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


here we go again why why did I ever let you go!

Alright people:::
it's time, This Saturday yours truly will be going to see mama mia! the live Broadway show!

How exciting???
My sister and I are having a sister date and going to dinner and a show. A fantastic show at that!. Seriously if you don't like Abba music you have no soul!!!!! It's carefree and it just makes you wanna move your groove thing~
While I'm up there visiting I'm going to catch up with old friends! hit the pool and have my self a darn good time. I miss some of my friends soooo MUCH it's not even funny.

It's weird, when I moved home I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal! I would be home with my family and friends. But I miss them so entirely much!

Friends you make later in life are completely different then the people who have known you since you where 12. They are friends you made and kept! they are people you met on common interest or by chance (someone dating someone you knew). When I left Columbus a part of me was so completely sad. So when I go to visit it's almost like work. (that's sad to say but here is why! : I spread myself too thin. I try to see everyone jammed pack into one weekend, and I usually miss one or two people.

I wish with all my heart I could just say forget it and go. Go and move back up there near my sister and my friends, but I have family obligations. It gets so complicated and I see it as wrong to leave. UGGGH I just wish sometimes the world would lean in my favor.... just this once??? my lack of love life, my insane family..... my nut job friends? something anything? Just tip on your axes for a bit and give me something good. I deserve it! I need it. This is a ton of me, me and more me.... I sound so selfish! I promise, I'm not- this is a modest person begging for something to change. I feel like all day every day I'm passive, doing everything for everyone else.... This weekend is soooo needed. I need to get away! I miss the simple life :(

Ugh exhausted Jaguar..... Needs to escape:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Finds:::

I've had a few REALLY great reads lately. Sometimes I get a few in a row that are just perfectly amazing.... and then sometimes it takes me forever to find a great book.

The book I just finished was "The Physic Book of Deliverance Dane".
Wow, it took me forever to get through because I was attempting to read it while being slammed at work! However the journey I took to get through it was amazzzing. It's about a grad student at Harvard named Connie, who over the summer has to go clean out her grandmothers house. When she arrives she finds this out of date house with no electricity and is shocked to find running water. The first night there she finds this mysterious key inside the old family bible and is thrust into finding out who the name attached to the key is and how it relates to her heritage. Connie finds an exciting young man to help her through her research, all the while being pestered by her old quirck of an advisor. Connie finds love, magic and defeats evil throughout this book. I was throughily impressed. Never wanting to put it down.

I am now readin Sunday's at Tifaany's While not as xciting it is a quick read and somethign easy to tag along to the pool or beach with! It's a cute love story : ) I'll update you all with the ending.

for now I'm just busy working and having fun.....ahhhhh the life of a Jaguar

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I love ohio::: yay for the Holidays.


(I had an asthma attack on the way to work, so of course I'm pumping the Inhaler and sat out in my car and regrouped before I went in, So now I'm all loopy and feel weird. I should have known this was coming because yesterday the air felt weird and my equilibrium was off, saying that there was probably fluid in my ears. I sound like a freak. )

Anyhoo!!!! today is Thursday.... yay one more day before I have my 1st Saturday off : )
I'm so excited for the 4th of July I actually have real plans this year, so I'm super siked to hang out with all my friends. I've kind of been laying low this year, not out and about as usual. I guess you could say I've been soul searching. (Not the fun kind, where you go to a foreign country to find the real you) The kind where I made a ton of huge mistakes in order to learn from them and be the grown person I'm supposed to be, yeah not fun at all.

Also I've learned a lot about the people I enjoy to be around. People who know how to conversate, yet can still be silly and not take the world too seriously. People who enjoy art and literature and science. People who can talk about religion and be open minded.
I suppose I found myself. I'm well rounded, well spoken and enjoy my life. My cousin and I are starting rock climbing next week. My sister and are starting our kid eco-friendly line. Life is actually pretty great right now. I think a lot of my stressors come from surounding opinions. Like my mother.

Moms can be so tough on their children. I'm not a child anymore yet she still has this itch to tell me how I should be runing my life. MY dad is so forward thinking, whatever makes you happy, as long as your working. My mom is why arent you taking care of this?? why arent you looking into this carreer? I suppose because I have a full time job? I have a life? When my mom was my age she already had my brother, so I suppose she had to think serious, seriously. For me I'm creating my own path and when I get there, I'll get there. In this awful economy I'm not too eager to jump into the cut throat job of finding a job. I think it would be better to continue my education and secure a job. I dunno perhaps, that's a passive aggresive way of thinking??? Everything is happening!! I'm ok with taking it slow and getting things done. I suppose parents are never supposed to think our choices are ideal. When my sister and brother in-law moved to washington, you'd think that they had sold their sould to the devil and moved to Europe the way my mother behaved. It just goes to show you they CARE!!!!!! just not always in the way you would like them to.