Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's SATURDAY again

ok so we all know I hate Saturday mornings.... everyone loves them but noot me. I wake up at 7 am and roll through starbucks before getting to work a 1/2 hour before everyone else to open, the guy who works the AM shift at bucks, now puts stickers on my cup. Today mine was a small little purple smily face. (It kind of made me feel better... shhhh). That's right people, I am now a REGULAR. This is what my life has come to.

Anyhoo not the moral of the day:::

In light of the fallen king of our generation, my cousin, katie lady and myself have decided that today is going to be dedicated to MJ. (The leg swing I perfected at age 8 thank you....thank you!)So after work were going to have a few beers and listen to as many of his wonderful tunes as possible.

even the older stations are playing Jackson 5... It's a sad week.

Saturdays in general are not bad! however when all your friends are staying up till 3 or 4 and you wanted to go bed at 11, you start to feel like an old fart. ( no offense to the old people, I LOVE YOU). Like last weekend the 311 concert, totally in bed by 1. Friday nights I go to Barnes & Noble. Someone please put me out of my misery.

I catch the occasional party, or hit up a bar. but lets face it, I'm a light weight who can't drink and to be honest I have more fun when I'm sober (or slightly so). I think I'm going to be a bit happier when I start my new hobbies. Thats the real deal.

I am so exhausted and can't wait to sit around and talk tonight. Because this running around and working thing is starting to turn on me. GRANTED next weekend we get the 4th off and the fallowing weekend is my vacation (AKA my 1st entire weekend off).

Tonight I'm going to attempt to talk my cousin into being my rock climbing partner, I'll let you know how things go.

For now LONG LIVE THE KING::: and Happy Saturday to youuuuu

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Medical school and Purse making.... WHAT!?

My mom and I had lunch today and we were going over math tutoring. For the rest of the Summer I'm going to be going to math tutoring and then taking the state math test and testing out. This is so I can start successfully and worry free on my pre-med track : )

Yes people I am going to take the plunge. I love science, science is a fact and math is wack. So here I come.

Also My sister and I are going to independently sell eco-friendly kids caps and clutches. Well I'm going to be making them and we'll both be selling them. So hopefully if I can't work full time I'll be able to make some extra cash with that.

enough with all these life changes already.

I thought at 22 everything would slow down. This is the age most of my friends are graduating and starting the next chapter of their lives. Well here is a thought. Who said college was for 4 years? Who said playing it safe was the right thing to do?? whooo said it was time for marriage and babies!? NOT ME!!! (Sorry for all those married and or engaged, I love the idea of marriage, I think it's beautiful I'm just not there yet) So I'm being ADVENTUROUS (That's what my mom is calling this chapter of my lifeor saying I NEED in my life) I'm attempting to find a rock climbing partner and I'm in math tutoring two huge things I though that I would never do. So I'm siked, Single and sewing now.

So let's see:

rock climbing
my own business

Adventurous enough mom????

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Can I meet someone new???

Now I know everyone is hearing a lot of ME ME ME and more ME

Can't I just meet someone???
I know tons of guys.... but the problem is they have known me for years and it's hard to be yourself when all they know is you, when you were 15. Or heck even 19. 22 is a big difference. I feel different.... older. I'm getting different expectations. I'm wanting different things. Before it was going out drinking and probably hooking up, then wondering why you weren't in a serious relationship. Now I'm reading self help books like "Steve Harvey" Act like lady, think like a man. I'm smart, charming and I attract ass holes. Welcome to my issues : )

I cant seem to get involved with any one at the moment. everything feels forced. I know I want someone, I think I just haven't found him.

yoooou whoooooo Mr. Right. WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU!?!?!?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gotta have a little faith!

So I got my 3rd flat tire of the year.
I have some bad juju with tires. I don't know who cursed me, but please stop.

Starbucks is currently saving my life...rigth at this very moment I'm on round 1 of the mocha.

I woke up this morning (Saturday) at 7 am to come into the office and work for the next 9 hours.
YAY and I get to come back tmrw and clean. Might as build me a room then I'd never have to leave I could just eat, sleep and BREATH this place.

After getting 2 hours of sleep, I get to go to a concert after work. 311 and ziggy Marley.
all I have to say is RED BULL, RED BULL, RED BULL.

Then I will have a few drinks, go home and SLEEP FOREVER.

Now you may get the impression that I'm complaining. But what this is really saying is even after all these bad things happened, I didn't curl up in a ball and refuse to get out of bed this morning, although a little more sleep would have been nice!.

I'm pretending that I'm not at work right now..... I'm in LAguna Beach with my sister. YEA that's right.... she's living it up in California right now. relaxing by the beach. She called me last night to inform me she bought me a T-shirt. (I'm a sucker for souveniers. I'm an old soul with a young heart.) And in a few weeks I'm taking a LONG weekend and were going to be parked by the pool and were gong to see mama mia on Broadway. (That part is not me fantasizing were really getting to do that! I freaking LOVE mama mia :) and I freaking love FINALLY getting a vacation. YAY.

well Happy weekends to everyone. <3 Have fun and be safe.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everyone is going to think I'm INSANE in my MEMBRANE!!!

Ok before I begin.... I want everyone to know for a very long period of my adolescence, I wanted to be a doctor.

So now my disclaimer: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME WATCHING over 30 HRS of GREY'S ANATOMY. ok maybe a little?

I want to go pre-med. So yea at the ripe age of 22 I want to throw away my social life and start back at college as a pre-med student. So I started this process over a year ago: weighing the pro's and con's. I'd like to share a few right this very second because I feel as if they are not real if I just don't blurt them out!!!!!

I'd be studying the most amazing aspects of our existence!
I'd someday have one of the most valued professions
I would be saving LIVES! <>
I would fulfill not only my dreams but my mothers!
I could work with children and old people <>sooo much.
I am not squemish <>

I would have no life for the next 10 years
I suck at math<>
people would die sometimes.

I really think I could do it. I'm going to talk with the admissions counselor tomorrow. I pretty much have to start math tutoring...yesterday.

No one thinks I'm serious. My sister is 32 and keeps telling me I'm artsy and care free. My cousin thinks I should be a teacher. My mother would be happy if I make anything over 30,000 a year. So far my aunt is the only one who keeps telling me to find my passion.

I am such a passionate person though: that's my issue.
my confession. I love living life and trying new things -so sue me!

I try something and if I love it, I through myself in. I try to be the best I can at whatever it is. I love a ton of things! it's so unfair to choose only one thing and say that's it! the rest of my life here I come. Even as I contemplate being a doctor I think one word: TRAPPED.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've been enthralled into the world of Greys Anatomy

Sorry my 2 faithful followers :)
I've seriously been spending every non work hour watching the 1st 3 season of Grey's anatomy. I became addicted this past season and until they return I'm ADDICTED. I saw the most amazing episode the other day. It was when Georges character gets some great insight from a patient's husband. The guy says to George, " from the second I saw her I was ham". The scenario then plays out that the guy states your either the egg's or the ham. At first I was completely confused. What does this mean??? They both come with breakfest right?

The theory is that:
the chicken lays the egg, it sacrafices an egg for the meal. The Pig however is committed.

So, sometimes we enter relationships as the egg..... and then become the ham :)

I personally have had this happen the oposite way a time or two. You enter committed then somehow only end up sacrafices certain aspects just to keep the relationship a float. Life is hard and messy and it almost never goes the way you planned. Certainly I'm not complaining I wouldn't have it any other way, I just wish people knew what they wanted out of the relationship or life for that matter!! things would be a lot less messy and people wouldn't get hurt. I also believe if your going to be involving another persons emotions and attempting to fight fate and date someone you might not otherwise have though about that a good idea would be to weigh your options. and a good way to decide.....decide are you the chicken or the ham???