Saturday, August 8, 2009

ahhhh living the dream.

OKKKK So I go into bucks this morning. I ask a question about the Coffey cake, the lady behind the counter gives me some snappy reply, then.....looks up. "HI! OMG I haven't seen you in here ina while?" hahahahaha. anyways during the day I normally get an iced drink but Saturday mornings are still a lil nippy so I get my normal hott coffey (Plus our office is like antartica brrrr!) So I get my normal Mocha and go on my way. Well I get into the car take a big sip, and I swear I thought the guy making coffey was new and turns out he was. My normal chocolatey drink, tasted like rocket FUEL! up up and awaaaay!!!!

My momas Bday was Thursday, so today my aunt and brother and bunch of people are coming ovvver ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMA!!!!!!!!!
My mom is so amazing :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

don't stop believing

Hold on to that lovvvin Feellllin

ok..... so, for months now I've been anticipating the name drop and the date release for the 17th book in the Scarpetta series. "The Scarpetta Factor" will release on October 20th. Last year I read all 16 of the previous books. half way through on about book 8 or 9 I did take a little break and read some kind of love book, just to remind me that everything wasnt about people dying :) But most people dont read one after the other either. They were like CRACK! Once I finished one it was off to buy the next. I found out about the wonderful half priced books. If you enjoy forensic science, love and dun dun dunnnn Muurrrder mystery, then this series is for you.